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AGC 180W Led Linear Warehouse Light


Model No:  AGC-LHB01-180
LED Type:  Nicha LED
Luminous Flux:  >18900lm
CCT:  3500K,4000k,5000k
CRI:  73 standard (83 optional)
Protect:  IP65




High Lumens: HiRack LED linear warehouse light is designed to replace traditional HID (high intensity discharge) lighting. Our 90W LED linear warehouse light can replace traditional 250W HID; a 150W LED warehouse light can replace 400W HID. The 180W LED warehouse light can replace 700W HID. It is engineered especially for warehouses with high racks. The luminious lighting pattern is rectangular, which designed with the shape of aisle in mind to reduce wasted lumens on the top and upper portions of the racks.

Quality: It adopts the most advanced LM-80/TM-21 certified Nichia LED chips as light sources and UL listed Mean Well drivers as the power supply. With innovative optics and a thermally efficient design, the fixture efficacy is 100 lm/W. It supplies the ideal beam angle for the application.

Energy savings: Combined with dimmability options such as 1-10V DALI system and sensors, HiRack will help you save up to 80% on energy consumption.

Broad options: HiRack LED linear warehouse light is now available in 90W, 120W, 150W, and 180W versions, suitable for installation at 8-16m height. The 90W and 120W HiRack LED warehouse aisle lights can meet most project requirements.

Widely applicable: Multiple installations optional, suitable for various applications like warehouses, manufacturing plants, commercial kitchens, big box stores, grocery stores, malls, exhibition centers and arenas/stadiums.

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