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Net Metering


Thinking of using a renewable “green” energy technology to generate your own electricity and reduce your monthly costs? Net Metering might be the solution for you.

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Solar Opportunities

Grid tied solar systems in Ontario are a viable option for personal or corporate investment.

The Independent Electric System Operator (IESO) Feed in tariff program (FIT) has created a unique opportunity for solar power generation in Canada. Businesses and individuals can now install solar power systems on their facilities and generate clean renewable solar electricity for sale to the IESO. The IESO FIT program guarantees rates a period of 20 years providing a sound and predictable economic investment. Typical returns range from 10% to 15% per year for most situations making this an unusual opportunity to generate excellent financial returns utilizing a renewable energy source.

Lighting Opportunities

LED ambient high efficency lighting will offer product savings of up to 80% in commercial/industrial and agricultural buildings. This new technology produces more light per watt and emits light of an intended colour without the use of a colour filter. This feature enhances greenhouse plant growth by 30%. Coupled with government grants and subsidies the switch to LED lighting is a must for all.

Take advantage of these opportunities and work with the experts at Sunbeam Energy to ensure that your system is performance and value optimized.

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