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Total Sports


Replace one to one 1070w MH with Sharp 241w LED lights, reducing electrical consumption by 78% resulting in a 2 year payback.

Overwhelming positive comments about the brightness of the fields.

LED Lights do not generate any heat.

LED Lights turn on and off instantly for easier field scheduling.

LED Lights are longer lasting and require much less maintenance.


Total Sports owns and operates multiple full size athletic fields in southeastern Michigan. Total Sports recently worked with Sunbeam Energy to replace their halide lighting with LED lights. With the new lights they have met their objective for better lighting and reduced cost.

“Sunbeam Energy has provided us with the financial and engineering proposal needed, on time supply of lights, and assistance to our installation person. Total Sports will continue converting our lighting to LED lights supplied by Sunbeam Energy.”

TONY MOSCONE – General Manager, Total Sports Complex

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