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LED interlighting – Light between the plants


105 w Energy
Ingress Protection
230 V – 400 V Input voltage Range
200 umol/s Photon Flux


GreenPower LED interlighting is the ideal energy-efficient solution for lighting in between the plants. The GreenPower LED interlighting give off very little heat and so require no active cooling. They are simple to install in any new or existing greenhouse.The GreenPower LED interlighting have LEDs on both sides,so they can light two rows of plants at once. Depending on the required light level, two or more modules can be positioned above one another.




With GreenPower LED interlighting it is possible to provide light between the plants – without unwanted heat generation. This has major advantages: all the plants can be lit at the points where they gain most benefit. The results are excellent. Various trials have demonstrated that this enables much higher and more efficient plant production as the light provided can be converted more efficiently into sugars, the building blocks of the plant.

Adding GreenPower LED interlighting to HPS or LED toplighting creates a flexible lighting system that provides optimum control over the plants. During the growing season, the grower can decide how he uses light to respond best to, for example, the condition of the plants, the climate conditions and the plant load.

The combination of GreenPower LED interlighting and HPS or LED toplighting offers not only considerable energy savings, but also much greater control over the growth process. And that’s a win-win situation: good for the environment, good for the production costs and good for the plants.

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